Our Mission

QHP has a very simple mission: to provide you with QUALITY Painting Services that are affordable, efficient, and professional.  We work with homeowners, property owners, HOA’s, real estate agents and other specialty contractors. Whether you’re in our hometown of Newport Beach or Pasadena, or in Long Beach, or deep in the San Fernando Valley, we’ve painted your neighbor’s homes and businesses and we’d love a chance to paint yours, too.

Our Services

A quality paint job should last you ten years or more, as long as it’s professionally maintained. As a full-service painting provider, we’ll make sure your paint is rolled on right and stays looking fresh for years.

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Power Washing

A good paint job starts with the preparation, and power washing or pressure washing is an important part of that prep. Using a power washer set to a pressure of about 2500-3500 PSI, we’ll remove every bit of dirt, debris, mold, and loose paint on the exterior of your home or business, giving a clean surface for your new coat of paint to ensure the even, lasting coverage you need.


What the power washer didn’t get, the scraper will! Any non-bonded substances or layers of material will be stripped away from the subsurface for a nice clean slate to prime and paint.


Any hole or imperfections in your walls need to be patched up before the painting begins. Our patching skills leave your walls as perfect as can be before we start your paint job.


A smooth, clean surface is important on the interior, too. Before, during, and after any patchwork, we’ll carefully sand to give you a seamless wall and a properly bonded top coat.

Wood replacement

We take pride in our prep work, and in our ability to do whatever’s needed before your paint job begins. We’ll even replace missing, damaged, or rotted wood to ensure the right surface.

Damaged stucco repair
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Damaged/peeling paint

No matter what condition your home is in, we’ll get it prepped and ready for paint in no time. Scraping, sanding, and priming a badly damaged area isn’t a problem—it’s our passion!

Drywall patching and repair

We couldn’t call ourselves a full-service paint outfit if we couldn’t path and repair your drywall as part of the prep. We cut, mix, mud, tape, and sand your walls until they’re seamless.

Wallpaper removal

Many older homes have old and faded wallpaper standing between their walls and the perfect paint job. We’ll peel, scrape, and cleanly remove your paper before we bust out the brushes.


Floating stucco over damaged areas for a perfect match isn’t easy, and isn’t something every paint crew can do. We’re happy to let you know—we can!

After all that prep, we paint plenty, too! Wood, brick, metal, stucco, drywall, plaster, acoustic ceiling tiles—we know how to paint it all to give your home a fresh look from top to bottom.

We don’t stop at walls and ceilings, either. We paint doors on all six sides (they have six, we promise), even taking them off their hinges to ensure the perfect job. We paint and stain bathroom and kitchen cabinets, stripping and scraping first when necessary and coating with a fine finish sprayer for a longer life and greater beauty, guaranteed.

We even paint patio covers, fences, and other indoor and outdoor features, If it can be painted, we know how to prep it and finish the job right.

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