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You want a great paint job at a fair and straightforward price. There aren’t any hidden costs or surprise fees when you go with QHP—we stick to our agreements, and we keep everything upfront and transparent. At the same time, every project is unique, and we can’t give you a firm quote without looking at the property you want painted.

We’ve put together this basic pricing guide for our most popular services, to give you a starting point when estimating the cost of your painting project. Once you contact us for an estimate we can go over your details and give you a more accurate quote, and after we’ve actually seen the project will give you a firm price on a written estimate.

All prices include labor and all paint and materials needed.

Single Family

Single Family House

Interior or exterior.
$3,300 & up
Custom Homes

Custom Homes

Craftsman, Bungalows, and other homes requiring a more complex color scheme to bring out their character.
$3,999 & up
Multi Family

Multi-Family Homes

Exteriors priced similarly to a single-family home of the same size. Interiors based on number of rooms.
$3,999 & up

Kitchen Cabinets

Full prep and paint with a fine finish sprayer lacquer, Hybrid or oil you choose
$2,888 & up

Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

Interior or exterior / Materials not included.
One day minimum
$1,000 minimum for any job

Non-Residential Projects

Your space is entirely unique. Please contact us with the details of your project for an accurate quote.
Call for a quote

Power Washing

Keep your paint job clean and lasting longer


We can help you choose colors for your house.
Also includes Color samples.
$100 / hr

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